I have been interested in genealogy and my family history for well over 15 years. My interest began with my grandmother (maternal) telling the family stories about her mom and dad immigrating to the United States. She didn't have a lot of details but it always left me wondering WHY did they leave Europe, HOW did they get here, and from WHERE did they emigrate from?

People hear that I have "researched" my family for at least 15 years and they assume I have all of the answers. That I must have the family tree back to medieval times. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the intervening years work, marriage, moving across country, four years of college obtaining a masters degree, a baby, and life in general have gotten in the way of being able to do continuous research. That and continuous brick walls have hindered my search. For most of those four years that I worked towards obtaining my advance degree I did little to no research. In the past two to three years I've begun to pick up the research again and have made some good breakthroughs, however, I am no further back than the mid-19th Century for my family and I've gotten my wife's family back to the early 1800's.

In the beginning my desire was to fill out the vital information (birth, marriage, death dates) of my family tree: my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. However, each person that I've researched I've felt a personal connection with and now find that I need to know "EVERYTHING" about that person. And not just my direct line but collateral lines as well. While it's obviously impossible to learn EVERYTHING about an ancestor, it is amazing what you can discover about how a person lived, what life was like and make some educated guesses as to why they did the things they did.

To the right you will find some of the family lines I am working. Click on one of the coat of arms to learn more about that family. I try not to provide personal information about people still living out of respect for their privacy. If you discover that you or your family may be connected to one of my lines please contact me and I will be happy to share additional information with you.

Dempsey coat of arms

Dempsey family of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.
~1860's - 1960's

Baumann coat of arms

Baumann family of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.
~1850's - 1950's

McGinley coat of arms

McGinley family of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.
~1900's - 1940's

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."
Lesley Poles Hartley



  ** Thanks to John Dempsey (my uncle) for finding the coat of arms images.